Solving Tough Problems

Listened to the shenanigans at Chequers over the weekend I reflected on how we CAN solve our tough and complex problems without resorting to the authoritarian rule and command and control Mrs May unfortunately deployed? Two resignations!!!

In 1992, Adam facilitated the Mont Fleur Project, in which a very (very) diverse group of South Africans worked together to effect the transition to democracy. He persuaded the people who had created the current situation to co-create something new; shift from downloading and debating to reflective and generative dialogue and to choose an open way over a closed way.

What they found surprising was that when they made this simple, practical shift in how to perform these most basic social actions of talking AND listening we unlock our most the complex problem – how do we change ourselves. What ‘basic social actions’ were on display at Chequers?

It is challenging because it requires us to make a subtle and fundamental shift in the way we relate to the world. In opening ourselves up, we are lowering our defenses and seemingly giving up autonomy and control – unclenching our fists and allowing our certainties to be challenged and changed.

Collaborating with the enemy


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