Meetings Are Essential!!

Just read a very good article by a Stephanie Hare on the perils of meetings-

Regretfully Stephanie is completely missing the real point of meetings because there are four very good reasons why attending as many as possible is essential.

  1. It’s a real skill only developed with hours of practice to give the outward impression of complete participation whilst applying all your actual thought to far more interesting matters. This is a very useful skill for use at home.
  2. Enjoying watching your colleagues violently disagreeing and then somehow passionately agreeing as the meeting ends.
  3. Perfecting your doodling skills – this is the domain of the real meetings expert and must not be attempted by a novice who will be found out.
  4. It’s the only place we can avoid doing our real job for hours on end and get away with it.

On a more serious note try this little test. Calculate your hourly rate and then multiply it by the number of hours spent in meeting and then ask if you would pay you to attend if it was your own business!!


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