Can you have everything?


imagesAdele was a Program Director for a construction company with males making up the vast majority of the workforce within the company, suppliers and customers. She was becoming increasing effective and had recently led a major corporate program to a very successful conclusion. Adele had a daughter about to start school and a husband who was not settled at work. She was the major earner in the family and had the clear potential to eventually have a very senior job in the industry.

The Problem

Adele was at a critical stage in her career; promotion with more responsibility was being offered but this would mean longer hours and frequent trips to suppliers and customers (some overseas). Workload had already started to create stress in her home life missing some of her daughter’s events and relying heavily on her elderly parents for childcare.

At the same time Adele desperately wanted to be play a major part in her daughters day to day life. She wanted to be there and enjoy her daughter growing up.

Could Adele have a successful career whilst at the same time being a ‘proper mum’ to her daughter.

What We Did

Adele’s employer asked us to work with her on a 1×1 basis. Using ‘achieving your full potential’ as the yardstick the sessions were a combination of structured and detailed self-appraisal followed by the use of various tools and techniques appropriate to the challenges being faced. Where necessary, some sessions included ‘holding your feet to the fire’.

The Results

We helped Adele develop a plan and practice using tools that would ensure she was Taking Control of work. She understood that this meant being “ruthlessly efficient” in everything she did at work, making every minute work for her. She realized that if she was to ring fence her ‘family time’ then managing her activity at work had to fit in with home. In a male dominant workforce this meant silencing her critics who believed being at work for long hours was the only measure of effectiveness.

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