Business Healthcheck

Why do most businesses only seek outside help once a problem or situation has started to impact on results to such an extent that ‘something must be done’. Waiting for problems to materialize in the balance sheet and THEN addressing them has become a very high-risk approach.

Effective and meaningful diagnostics need not be costly and time consuming. They certainly do need numerous spreadsheets. that help answer the critical question where you are on the journey and what are the most effective next steps.
Through a simple but comprehensive framework of structured questions you will be able to find out:

  • How much your present structure helps or hinders performance?
  • If you have enough capable people 100% committed to your goals?
  • If your processes suit your strategy?
  • Whether the leadership is fit for purpose for today and the future?

Apart from monitoring financial wellbeing does your business have the information to choose the right fitness regime?

Essentials Program

Designed for groups of around 8 to12 the ‘Esssentials Program’ is a systemic approach to helping your key employees review present perceptions and then to create new and lasting habits that have a real positive impact on your business.

The program is a“90 days challenge” with the core being intense but rewarding personal one2one’s complemented by regular whole group workshops to build collective accountability.

The benefits of the program are

  1. It is entirely based on your businesses reality and not an academic exercise in leadership.
  2. It is built into the day-to-day work and the issues your business is facing now.
  3. Success is achieved in “bite sized” chunks with those successes being the platform for more success.
  4. It builds powerful shared accountability amongst the participants which is focused on business critical issues

One2one Sessions

Over the last twenty years I have developed a very powerful three step framework for one2one sessions. I do not like the word coaching as this does not fully define the approach I take. I prefer to use the phrase ‘standing alongside’ as a fellow senior manager/director and helping you define the ‘blockers for success’ and then build a framework to remove them.

Using ‘achieving your full potential’ as the yardstick the sessions are a combination of structured and detailed self-appraisal followed by the use of various tools and techniques appropriate to the challenges you face. Have no doubt, where necessary, the sessions will be about ‘holding your feet to the fire’.

We will meet for 2 hours every two weeks for six weeks. The first sessions focus on creating your agenda with the later sessions being used to ‘put things into practice’ .

I would expect that your drive, passion and determination to ‘get on with it’ would continue the momentum built up during the six weeks of sessions.