The Wholy Trinity

As the UK enters ,what could be, the most turbulent economic instability since…..well the banking crisis of 2008 your business will need to be fit for purpose if it is to prosper. Don’t expect clarity or charity from our government – you are on your own. So here you go – a challenge based on over 40 years of experience helping business and their leaders. What must you ruthlessly focus on if you are to be successful and your business is to achieve its potential? Burn all those business books and stop watching unless you are prepared to answer the following 3 questions AND implement the required action. We have listened to senior leaders from numerous sectors, from large aerospace multi nationals to small tech start-ups try and get their heads around our 3 question challenge. We have worked with whole senior teams and with individual CEO’s. We know when there is truth and authenticity in the answers and we know when leaders are simply faking it. Try asking yourself these questions;

1. Are you very clear what the short-term challenges are? Underpinning this question is absolute and shared clarity of direction/destination and what will you see, hear and feel when you “get there”. And we don’t mean a glossy document gathering dust on some shelf. We mean stuff that is real, dynamic well used and understood by all. All too often we meet owners who are ‘panic reacting’ to external pressure to ‘deliver’ because they have no context in which to decide what they want to happen over the 3 or 6 months.
2. Do you know what strengths need to be amplified and weaknesses suppressed if the short-term challenges are to be met? There is no time to acquire new skills, no time to introduce new processes, no time to find new markets or suppliers. You are going to have to use what you have got. If you don’t know what your strengths are then you need to go back to question 1 and reset your short-term challenges!
3. Are you clear what the ‘blockers for success” are? Blockers can be internal or external. Is investment or cash flow a blocker, or your commitment or fellow directors or………whatever. What is going to get in the way that can be managed and removed? If you cant (or wont) remove it then you need to go back to question 1 and reset your short-term challenges!
In our experience far too many leaders get all excited about answering the first question (evidenced by works of fiction -wonderful strategy documents and five year plans) but then fail time and time again to fully answer questions 2 and fully implement the action required. They are even more lamentable in getting to grips with question 3. We have met business owners who have known about their “blockers for success” for years, done nothing about them, and then wondered why business potential has not been achieved.

Why is this so? In or experience three words differentiate the successful from the ‘also rans’ – drive, determination, passion. We call these words the ‘Wholy Trinity’. They will not guarantee business success because there are many factors we can’t control. However we have yet to meet a successful business owner or director who does not have the drive, determination and passion to succeed.
If you have the drive determination and passion we can help you answer the three questions! If you want to find or rekindle the drive determination and passion again we can help you. If you are happy being an ‘also ran’ then stop reading stuff like this and enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

If you found the 3 questions challenging and would like to dig deeper then have visit the Taking Control website a go at our more detailed questionnaire

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